Message to Our Partners

By becoming one of our international corporate partners, we together will be providing much-needed relief materials to people who otherwise have no chance of surviving the current unenviable economic realities in most African countries. For incentives/perks available to your company, should you decide to become our partner, see the attached Sponsorship Levels document. Whatever amount you elect to contribute, your company’s name will be included on our event brochure and press statements on our website. In addition, your company’s name/logo will be engraved on any structure or building constructed with the funds pooled.

Donations are accepted in cash as well as in-kind of non-perishable foods (e.g. rice, beans, vegetable oil); household items such as  but not limited to cleaning supplies, mosquito nets, feminine hygiene products and reading glasses/corrective lenses. School supplies such as laptops/tablets, school bags, pens/pencils, school sandals. Recreational equipment like running spikes, soccer boots, socks, shorts/jerseys, soccer/basket/tennis balls; and any other goods or services you can support us with. Feel free to make a contribution that you’re comfortable with. If you’re ready to make a donation just kindly fill out and detach the perforated section of the following document and send back to us in the enclosed self-addressed envelope. Thank you in advance for your kind gestures. Please do not hesitate to contact the founder directly.

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