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Project Sunshine

Project Sunshine

Project Sunshine is an international non-profit organization bringing relief to communities in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Our goal is to:

  • Create a sustainable food bank structure that helps alleviate food affordability issues. We help families in the communities that are unable to otherwise afford the required daily meals for survival as a result of poverty levels to meet their need.
  • Enhance and assist in delivering much needed medical assistance to the community through health and wellness workshops and provide preventive healthcare products.
  • Help provide an enabling environment for sustainable education for the youths in the community through programs such as but not limited to resource libraries, public speaking, worksite training for different vocations and build computer labs. In return helping students with much needed computer skills to enable them achieve the required level of competence needed to compete in the new world of technological advancement. Furthermore fueling their curiosity with the ability to research. We also provide sanctuaries for sport activities that help them develop talents outside of the classroom. This combination we believe will positively improve their quality of life by competing and participating in meaningful interactions.

We are dedicated to listening and continually innovating change in the community. We use and collaborate with highly trained professionals in the communities to coordinate and channel resources to areas that are in dire need of assistance.  

Core Values

Project Sunshine

People Development

We unite individuals with a common goal and deliver positive results for our communities.

Project Sunshine


We are committed to uplifting people by establishing structures for service and contributing to the welfare needs of our communities

Project Sunshine


We believe that together we are stronger and we can deliver more success through shared goals and mutual support. 

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