What We Do


We provide cleaning supplies, toiletries, first-aid kits, feminine hygiene products, etc. We also run periodic health/fitness awareness programs against preventable and deadly diseases for communities.

Food Bank

We apply donated funds and materials towards assisting people in the communities we serve. We run our food programs guided by family size and need. We distribute raw food and ingredients to families and individuals. Our ultimate goal is to be able to do this quarterly depending on availability of funds and materials. 


We are dedicated to securing the future of the youth in the communities we serve by ensuring that they have enabling environment to learn and also materials to aid their learning. 

About Project Sunshine

Project Sunshine is an international non-profit organization bringing relief to communities especially in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Our Goal

  • Create a sustainable food bank structure that helps alleviate food affordability issues. We help families in the communities that are unable to otherwise afford the required daily meals for survival as a result of poverty levels to meet this need.
  • Enhance and assist in delivering much needed medical assistance to the community through health and wellness workshops and providing preventive healthcare products.
Project Sunshine

Our Mission

Project Sunshine exists to bring socio-economic relief to communities through growth and developmental programs.

Project Sunshine

Our Vision

To implement sustainable programs that improve the overall wellness of underserved communities.

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Together let's make the world a better place.


Other Programs

Project Sunshine

Young Leaders Mentoring Program

Project Sunshine

Motherless Baby Home Outreach

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Relief Program


We are Project Sunshine , an international non-profit organization bringing

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