Event Volunteering

Would you like to volunteer with Project Sunshine on a short-term basis or for a specific event? This level is for YOU!!!  There is no minimum skill requirement. These volunteers are vital to PS as they make sure all events run smoothly.

Skill-Based Volunteering

Do you have experience in accounting, legal work, medical, marketing and PR assistance? This is the level for YOU!! Please upload your profile and share a little about yourself. A minimum of 3years in the field is required for volunteers. 

Administrative Volunteering

Are you good at organizing/running events? Attending conference calls? Or helping with administrative and management work? This is the level for YOU!! There is no minimum skill requirement for this level of volunteer. Volunteers will be on a rotating schedule as an ongoing long-term volunteer.

Volunteer Advocacy

Are you ready to hit the streets??
This level of advocacy is extremely important and should not be taken lightly. You are the face of our mission. Project Sunshine’s advocates are out in the street raising awareness (and money) for our cause. Advocates will be trained and provided with the right resources so they can get the word out in the most effective ways.