Founder's Message

Message From The Founder

Idris Ekungba is the founder of Project Sunshine, exists to bring socio-economic relief to communities through youth developmental programs. With a commitment to providing resources for people to live their lives to the fullest, Idris continues to stand on his personal core values – people development, service, and teamwork.

Arriving in the United States of America about a decade ago to pursue a career in aviation, Idris Ekungba quickly understood the positive difference availability of infrastructure and a dedicated community could have in one achieving their potential.

COVID-19 and its devastating effects on human lives and economies around the world inspired the birth of this initiative. Conscious that effective change can only happen when people are committed to being the envisioned change, He set his sights on another calling: To be an agent of positive transformation by facilitating growth and development to impoverished communities especially in Africa.

The desire to be a vessel of upliftment for others started early for Idris. He joined AIESEC – a youth-run non-governmental, and non-profit organization focused on empowering young people to make progressive social impact. Idris began developing leadership skills by participating in cross-cultural internships and global volunteer exchange programs. He has over the years nurtured the community and is now ready to give back on a sustainable scale through his passion for Aviation.