Founder's Message

Message From The Founder

Hello everyone. Thank you for taking the time to check out Project Sunshine, my lifelong dream. Project Sunshine is a non-profit organization created out of love and necessity. My name is Idris Ekungba and I am the founder and CEO.  From a young age growing up in Nigeria and seeing many families in our community struggling ingrained a deep desire to be a helping hand. I remember how the joy I felt at 18 years old helping the less fortunate led me to join AISEC; a youth organization dedicated to making leaders out of the younger generation. That same sense of joy and honor I still feel as I commit myself to build a resource-based organization that will aid in building better infrastructure in Nigeria and Africa.  Furthering my education and career in the United States exposed me to a different way of living and ultimately fueled my desire to help my own community back home. Knowing that Nigeria, a country with great wealth and a matching population to support commerce, is amongst the “poorest countries in the world” according to an article written in GlobalFinanceMagazine in 2019, saddens me. With approximately 70% of its population living below the national poverty level and dilapidated health infrastructure, unprecedented pandemics like COVID-19 only makes things worse. It is very important for me to do what I can and contribute my time and effort to raising funds and resources to alleviate some of the hardships I have watched the people of Nigeria face daily. From this desire to help, Project Sunshine was born.  My desire is that Project Sunshine becomes a vital aid in building healthier communities in Nigeria and later other places of great need in Africa. Providing critical services that contribute to socio-economic stability through education, healthcare, and food banks. Our goal is to not only deliver basic Immediate help but also build systems of support within the community.  But we can’t do this alone. You can help in many different ways, through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or simply spreading our mission through word of mouth. If you want to get more involved, you can apply as a volunteer or sponsor. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletters and social media; this way you will be up to date on all of our programs and events
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